Dogs Featured in Film


Death sentence lifted: April 2009

A dark red Golden Retriever who buried her head in a corner to avoid any contact with humans or other animals. Mentally and emotionally crippled, she was nursed back to health through a series of therapy sessions and the constant affection of her new owner, a woman who lives in horsey country outside Philadelphia.


Death Sentence lifted: February 2009

A cocoa and white Cocker Spaniel who had severe paw sores, rotten teeth and incredibly infected ears. Initially very skittish of people, particularly, their hand and foot gestures, she was taken in by a couple in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. She has since moved with her new family to sunny Florida.


Death sentence lifted: October, 2008

A tan Golden Retriever who refused to accept freedom, initially too frightened to leave his prison cage after years of captivity. An emotional basket case at first, he has since become a beacon of stability and gentility, the loving centerpiece of a family with an autistic son who live on the lower East Side of Manhattan.


Death sentence lifted: June 2007

A crème-colored Cocker Spaniel locked up in a totally dark barn, she was de-barked by a farmer who crushed her voice box with a lead pipe. She suffers from a genetic disease known as mega-esophagus. Expected to live only a few months, she has survived more than three years in a cabin in the mountains of New Jersey.